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The CRTC has the power to intervene if the CBC is not following the conditions of the CRTC licensing agreement. The CBC's license was last renewed in August, 2000 and commercialization was recognized as a major problem:

It is a condition of their current license to limit commercialism, especially in prime-time programming hours, thus a complaint about this is valid. The renewal for
licensing will be up again in 2007, and much of the licensing decisions are based on comments they receive from Canadian citizens. They do not check into program/license breaches unless they are made aware of them.

Here's where you can make them aware:

NOTE: your complaint must specify the exact program, station and quote what is being breached:

For example:

CBC 99.1 in Toronto/ Freestyle is not predominately and distinctively Canadian and does not contribute to a shared national consciousness and identity.

The rest of what you write is up to you.

From here, the CRTC will look into the complaint and request a response from the broadcaster, and also give you a reference number to track the
progress of your complaint.